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The Benefits of Velux Windows

No matter your desired decoration style, increasing the amount of light that enters a room is always a desirable feature for homeowners. Natural sunlight makes your rooms look more spacious and welcoming, which is particularly useful when you’re trying to sell your home. Velux windows first originated in 1941, as the inventor Villum Kann Rasmussen wanted to find a solution to transform dark attics to a light living space. 

[Did you know? The name ‘Velux’ comes from ‘Ve’ meaning ventilation and ‘lux’ means light in latin.]

Within a few decades of being in business, Velux windows had quickly become a popular addition to many homes around Europe, making Velux a household name, which drove the company to eventually become a billion-pound business. The speed at which the company has become a household name speaks volumes for how innovative the design was, as Velux windows come with a range of benefits, some of which we’ll be exploring in this article. 

A source of light

Installing Velux windows has a considerable effect on the attic room, creating a more habitable and spacious room for you to decorate as you please. Bringing natural light into any room brightens the mood and due to the way Velux windows are installed, can allow the optimum amount of light to enter the room. 

Great ventilation 

As heat rises, the top floor in any home can quickly become stuffy and hot. Having Velux windows enables you to quickly and easily ventilate your top floor, without having to splash out on fancy air conditioning or ventilation systems. Having good air quality in the home has a range of health benefits, including improved sleep and reduced allergens, so it’s worth considering installing Velux windows in your home. 

Environmentally friendly

Velux windows are great for people looking to decrease their carbon footprint and save money on their energy bills. Double, triple, and even quadruple glazing is more effective at retaining heat than a roof alone, the effect of which will be quickly seen in your energy bills. Furthermore, during hot summer days instead of using the air con, you’ll be able to open the windows for a light breeze throughout the room and ventilating the space of any moisture that may be occurring. 

Prevent noise pollution

Velux windows are of the highest quality, as they are made thick enough and secure enough to almost completely block any noise out from the surrounding area. If you live next to a busy road or popular playground, this shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on natural sunlight in your home. Unwanted noise, especially during sleeping hours, can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health, so it’s important to put measures in place to protect your rooms from noise pollution.  


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