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Can New Roofing be Installed During Winter?

Roof maintenance during any time of the year is not ideal, but it’s especially frustrating when the weather turns cold and wet. Winter weather is unrelenting and might’ve caused damage to an already weak roof, meaning you need a replacement immediately. You may be wondering if this is even possible and we are here to assure you, you can! However, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a roof replacement to ensure your roof isn’t left in a worse than state before installation.

The main issue with installing a roof in the winter is the asphalt, as it should only be installed when the temperature is between 4°C and 29°C, and during winter (especially in Britain) the temperature regularly descends below 4°C. If it’s too cold, even the highest quality asphalt will crack when hammered, making it impossible for the construction workers to complete the job. Additionally, the adhesive on self-adhesive tiles won’t be able to stick properly to the surface of the roof when the temperature is too low.

Despite these obstacles, a roof can still be installed during the winter and you might even be able to get a cheaper deal. By using professional and experienced roofing contractors, they’ll employ techniques so your new roof isn’t damaged by the cold and arrange the job during a time the weather is predicted to be above 4°C. Professional roofing contractors take necessary steps to reduce the risk of damage during the winter, such as:

Keeping the tiles warm

During the winter, many roofing contractors store tiles in a heated garage or warehouse whilst they wait to be delivered. These tiles will be delivered when work is about to start so they don’t cool off too much during transportation.

Sealing the tiles

Most tiles are designed with a thermally-activated asphalt sealant that bonds to the roof using the heat from the sunlight. The sticking process can take weeks to complete, so during winter, the tiles are hand sealed with an industry-approved asphalt roofing cement. This can be an arduous process, but the thermally-activated asphalt tiles are simply not an option in cold weather.

To conclude, although it’s not ideal to replace your roof in the winter, it is still possible and can be done to a high quality with professional and qualified roofing contractors.

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