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Building Regulations: Re-roofing

When it comes to re-roofing your home, you must check if you need approval for the construction work you require, to avoid hefty fines and unsafe buildings. The most likely reason you need your home re-roofing is if you’re looking to add an extension to your property. When drawing up plans for your extension, you might not need planning permission for your home, but you will still need building regulation approval. 

If you’re planning on re-roofing under 25% of your roof, then you won’t need approval. Anything more than this requires approval from your local council, as well as:

  • If you’re carrying out structural alterations to complete the re-roofing
  • If the performance of the new covering will be significantly different from that of the existing coverage in the event of a fire

The removal or alteration to any roof elements could affect how the roof works and cause movement to occur. The movement could cause cracks and gaps to occur in the walls and eventually cause the collapse of the roof. When performing work on any roof, care should be taken to ensure the roof will continue to perform effectively and without any movement.

The government has made steps towards ensuring people’s homes are increasingly energy-efficient, so if you’re re-roofing you’ll need to make sure your roof is conserving heat by adding enough insulation. 

How do I get building regulations approval?

To apply for approval, you’ll need to contact the ‘building control body’, which can be done online through your local council’s website. You might also need building regulations approval for:

  • Replacing the fuse boxes and connected electrics
  • Installing a bathroom that will need new plumbing
  • Electrical work near a bathroom or shower
  • Replacing windows and doors (especially skylights)
  • Replace roof coverings on pitched and flat roofs
  • Work for a heating system 

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